Technology solutions provider for electromobility

Our core business

We are providing advanced charging solutions for electric vehicles in Luxembourg and the Greater region
Charging solutions for electric vehicles


Smart charging cable to charge wherever you go

Nexxtender mobile

Open and comprehensive electromobility platform


Energy Management for infrastructure

Load management system using smart NexxtGEM device

About US

Pluxx is providing commercial and technical support to our local partners

Since January 2013, Pluxx is developing e-mobility solutions in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region. As Powerdale’s subsidiary we are providing advanced charging solutions for electric vehicles from charging devices (Nexxtender) to e-fleet management platform (Nexxtmove). Recently, Creos and Powerdale joined their forces to create Nexxtlab and develop innovative solutions based on EM2 concept (Energy Management x Electro Mobility)

  • Powerdale

    Brussels, Belgium

  • Pluxx

    Belvaux, Luxembourg

  • Nexxtlab

    Belvaux, Luxembourg

Our team

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Stephan Atsou
Stephan Atsou
Paula Agostinho
Paula Agostinho
Sales Administrator
Samuel Machado
Samuel Machado
General Manager
Iheb Triki
Iheb Triki
Technical Manager